The Value of HR Support

Value of HR support

So what is the Value Of HR Support? CEOs were asked by LEADERSHIP NOW (2023) to predict their biggest challenges in 2023. Here are their responses:

  • Implementing the tools to support employee wellbeing and creating sustainable working practices to prolong and enhance wellbeing.
  • De-stigmatisation of menopause in the workplace
  • Committing to long term opportunities while navigating uncertainty, maximizing productivity and efficiency
  • Investing in people and fostering a strong workplace culture
  • Balancing investing for growth and overextension during uncertain market conditions
  • Listening and responding to changing customer need
  • Timing of company growth alongside business need
  • Supporting families and caregivers

As you will notice, these all have one thing in common…

They all relate to employees – their people!

Value of HR support

The importance of HR has recently been brought to the forefront for businesses. From the pandemic sending employees into a remote working frenzy to the cost-of-living crisis affecting individuals and businesses. Having a dedicated and qualified Human Resources (HR) support system can make a world of difference. While many organisations consider HR as just an administrative function, it can have an important influence in shaping company culture, attracting and retaining top talent, and ensuring legal compliance. This blog will explore the increased value of having qualified HR support and how it can empower your business for long-term success.

Back to the question, what is the value of qualified HR support?

The contribution that qualified HR support can provide finds its value in increasing efficiencies in core HR activities and processes (from policy creation to talent management), aiming to grow the effectiveness of these and producing positive outcomes such as increases in employee engagement and productivity. The impact this makes ultimately builds its value against business objectives such as increasing the quality of service, customer satisfaction, profits and market share. Not forgetting increases in employee morale and feelings of fairness and legitimacy. Changing a single HR practice may have some impact. However, when the HR practices are well considered and benefit stakeholders, aligning with each other and the broader business strategy, the true value of qualified HR support is felt. 

Expertise and knowledge 

There are areas of HR that could be delegated to others in your business, although not only does this add to their workload, but it is also not their area of expertise. Qualified HR professionals have a deep understanding of HR laws, practices and the proficiency through built experience to provide the business with generalist and niche advice, complete HR tasks, and deliver larger HR projects that meet your business needs. Qualified HR professionals stay up to date with constantly evolving employment laws, which ultimately mitigate risk for your business. 

Time and Cost savings 

When you take on qualified HR support, you are more likely to avoid errors and adhere to the relevant laws, which means less risk and, ultimately costs allocated to resolving such issues. In addition, the effectiveness and efficiency increase that follow when there are dedicated and qualified individuals involved means that the cost to take on HR support is balanced by returns to the business. It is not just money that can come as a major saving, time is also saved by taking HR tasks away from others, increasing process efficiencies and utilising relevant technologies applicable to the business to speed up people processes.

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Qualified HR professionals want to work towards creating a positive work environment where employees feel valued and supported. They can review employee experience from end to end and identify improvement areas which are often left behind without a dedicated expert. By prioritising employee satisfaction, morale will be boosted, engagement increased, and productivity levels enhanced, resulting in higher overall business performance. 

An employee may consider quitting their job for various reasons such as wanting to increase job satisfaction, receive better pay, or achieve a better work-life balance. According to the CIPD Good Work Index of 2023, these are the most common reasons for employees to quit within the next 12 months. A HR professional can adapt these work life elements with proper consideration to prevent employees from leaving and causing a high turnover rate in the company.

value of HR support

To summarise, in a world where the main challenges in businesses are increasingly centered around their people, taking on qualified HR support is pivotal. By identifying this and investing in the value of HR, organisations will empower themselves for long-term success, reduce risk and benefit from improved workplaces.



We believe in working closely with our clients, as if we are part of their team. That’s why we offer a FREE discovery call where we can learn about your objectives, difficulties, and current HR practices and documents. From here, our CIPD qualified experts will build a tailored model to meet your specific needs and budgets.

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